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Blessing your community #4

By Katy & Graham Hill

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Keep blessing your community

Graham and Katy have been working through a booklet entitled "Keep blessing your community" a 40 day prayer guide compiled by Jill Gower, Director of Call to Prayer, (see for more.) It consists of 40 days of prayers and blessings as well as some other useful prayers. We began it shortly after the lock down started and have prayed through it each day and are working through it a second time.

At the end of the booklet is a section entitled Praying and Seeking God for your Community where it encourages us to seek God's will for our community and pray into that. On Sunday, as part of our time of worship at Emmaus we began to work through the series of questions posed and we invite you to consider them as well. As you seek God's response keep a note of anything he shows you and please share that with us so that we can all discern together. This week's questions are given below in bold type. Each week we will be working through another set of questions and adding these to the website.

Here you can also see what we believe the Lord has revealed to us, but hidden to give you the opportunity to reflect, pray and ask God for guidance. When you are ready click the link to reveal Graham and Katy's response. Once we have worked through the full set of questions we will share the full discernment.

  • Holy spirit, what wrong lenses are we looking through?

  • Will You show us this place through your eyes?

  • Father God what is your redemptive purpose for Chatham?

  • Holy Spirit, are there any barriers stopping You from working here?

I've spent some time on this - show me Graham and Katy's response